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My Pretty Boys Are Playing Tonight~

Three entries in the same day. Does that make up for not being here in like two years?

So I'm actually working on a novella called "Scandalous" that I fully intend to submit to the wonderful people over at Dreamspinner Press. Yes, that does mean that it is a gay (m/m) pairing of my own imagining.

So Sammy and Cade (the main couple) are giving me fits but at the same time, I really need someone to read it over and help me edit. I have a few silly concerns and some jumbled scene-work at this point, and I've a month and a half to finish this up and send it in. It's not ready, I'm not ready, and so I need a little help.
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Comment on this entry or send me a mesage if you're interested in helping me with this, alright?

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One Day At A Time - SIDE B

This should have been posted a long-ass time ago and I'm so sorry about that. My apology, however, includes this piece, so I hope you'll forgive me.

One Day At A Time - SIDE B

Fandom: Bleach
Teaser: “Protecting Jūshiro and Toshiro became my top priority, even to the point of hiding who I was, what I was. I’d once sworn to Mizuki that I would do anything for her family: it had simply become the time to put my money where my mouth had been.”
Inspiration: “One Day At A Time – SIDE A” had a very unresolved ending... I felt like the story needed more –not to mention, I wanted to write about Shunsuí!
Additional inspiration continues to come from “One Day At A Time” as performed by Cody Longo.

Rating: T, for swearing and male/male kissing
-Male/Mair pairings                                  -Bisexual men                                      -Sweary words
-SPOILERS (at least right now, haha)      -Sappy                                                 -Angsty

Main Pairing: Jūshiro Ukitake / Shunsui Kyōraku
Minor Pairings:
-(past) Jūshiro Ukitake/OC (Mizuki Ukitake)
Setting: In the fictional nation of Kōsei, which the gentle Jūshiro-sama rules.
POV: Jūshiro got his turn –now it's Shunsuí's. First person perspective.
Summary: I never believed I had a chance –not when he was still so in love with her. But his kiss and his words changed everything. If I didn't reach out and take what I wanted this time, I would never get another chance. Would I reach for him? Or was I too afraid?
Additional ANs: I never intended this part to have so damn much angst! I mean, it was Shun's turn, so I expected it to be lighter. Instead, I fell into a darker piece again. Still, this is not the end! The last part in this set will be “One Day At A Time – CODA”.
Keep in mind, in this AU, Toshiro is Jūshiro's son. Jūshiro's wife's name was Mizuki –consider it a shout out to my favorite Bleach OC. The daughter they lost was named Tsuki.
Like the “SIDE A”, there's a lot of internal monologue … but unlike “SIDE A”, there is no real action... not sure how I feel about it, but that's how it came out.
Despite the angst level, I tried to keep it humorous... Hope I succeeded...!

Universe: One Trick Pony (OTP) Universe! This takes place after the “One More Night” set and runs parallel to part of “One Trick Pony”. I'll get back to you on which chapter it follows. It directly follows “One Day At A Time – SIDE A”.
Word Count: 1724 words about childhood friends trying to figure things out...

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I know, I know. I'm leaving it hanging all over agin. The good news for y'all? CODA is already completly written. So it will be here for you soon!

I feel so stupidly triumphant lol

Catch you again in just a few minutes to talk about some more new things, lol
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Totally Flunking Blog

God, I suck at keeping up with everything.

In my defense, that include:
~Three Websites (or four, if you count the one that isn't published yet)
~The blogs attached to the previously mentioned websites (3 of 4)
~Email (only 1 of like 6 though)
~...and a bajillion things I'm forgetting

Notice that a social life was not included on that list. Why? Becasue mine consists of work.
Which always makes me think I need a stiff drink.

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything in a long while. Like since December of 2013, apparently. I have something very specific I should have posted here a long time ago, but I'll do that with a new post, seeing as this one has taken on some length.

I'll be right back. Seriously.

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One Trick Pony ~ SPOILER!

Alright, so I've been promising a second spoiler since I posted "One Day At A Time -- SIDE A"...

But before I get to that, I've got a little bit to share on the "One Trick Pony" universe.

  • There are litterally around 48 side-stories planned. I have about four of them written.

  • "One Day At A Time" will actually have THREE parts: SIDE A, SIDE B, and Coda. I've chosen to write three parts because there's a lot to cover. SIDE B will probably also be sad, but Coda will be a happy ending!

  • Expect to see "One Day You Will -- SIDE A" soon! I wrote it during my evil, evil block with the mainstory.

  • Expect to see the 11th installment of "One Trick Pony" soon! (Link will take you to ff.net) The story has not been updated since at least August, and I finally got a bit of a handle on the chapter! I hope to also publish the 12th installment before Christmas.

  • I actually had to make a chart to keep track of all of the pairings that mingle in the "One Trick Pony" Universe. I think it's gotten a little conveluted on me...

  • Psst! Expect to see another pairing pop up in the story in part 11!

  • Be prepared for a possibly Christmas one-shot (of all the sacrilidge :P)!

(The extended version of the upper portion of the post can be found here)

Alright! All that business is taken care of.... so here goes the spoiler! I warn that it is rather short, but it's an interesting scene!

[Read the Spoiler?]Ichigo:
      ""Why, hello there, Strawberry-chan. Fancy meeting you here." Of all places, his tone seemed to imply. It sounded a bit snarky, I guess, but I knew for a fact that Hat-and-Clogs-san was more than pleased to see me outside of a brothel.
      I bowed deeply, respectful of my father's old friend. "It's Ichigo now, Kisuke," I told him quietly. He, of all people, would understand the significance of that.
      His normal smile broadened and I recognized the true smile I'd seen often as a youth. "Good! I much prefer your given name, Ichi."
      Byakuya, ever-used to needing to be subtle, simply raised a single brow.
      Sheepish as all hell, I stretched up and pressed a light kiss to my prince's lips. "Ah, my little prince, it seems you have found yet another person from the not-so-sordid portion of my past. Kisuke-jisani has been a friend of my father's since before I was born." He had been one of the many teachers in and out of my life as a nobleman's only son, and he had later given me some of the most important instruction of my life.
      "Ah. Koi, is there anyone that I trust that you don't have some sort of history with?" he inquired, his voice laced with amusement.
      It was a short list when it came to people he trusted. "...Rukia-ojousama?" I offered, still going through the list. "I have no real past with Jushiro-heika or Toshiro-denka, either, just a... bad association with the nobles in Kōsei.”

Alright, so it's only 250 words long... but it's a solid spoiler scene --and it will happen in one of the upcoming chapters of "One Trick Pony"!

Let me know what you think?

Later days, doves!

PS: Sorry for editing the crap out of this >.<
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New Stuff!

So I haven't been on in a while.

But! I want you all to know that I have been working!

-I wrote a short piece about change for Anotherealm.com's October/November contest! It actually goes with a universe I've been playing with in my own works, but the characters really were created on the spot for the piece. Check it out?

-I'm working hard on a gay novella to submit to be published in an ebook anthology. I'll let you know how that one turns out, alright?

Peace, love, and leftovers~

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...My Life is a Rob Thomas Song...

...Well, it could be worse: it could be an Adele break-up album...
Actually, I was debating a Green Day song or two, but there are some things even I won't own up to, so Rob Thomas it was!

It's been a shit week (it's Friday... can I say that yet?), so I can appriciate a song with a great beat that says, "Welcome to the real world. 'Nobody told you it was gonna be hard'..."

Been watchin' kiddie movies and reading smut fan-fics and writing in an attempt to stay positive-ish...
I think the movies actually help more than the smut...

This says bad things about that rent-to-own deal I worked out with Crowley, doesn't it...

Anyway! With enough of those things and love from some firends, maybe the rest of the week will be okay... but no promises!
To those of you saying, "Sins, it's two effin' days. Stop bein' a little bitch about it and grow a pair...!":
1) You obviously have never seen how fast my life can go to pot, child. 2) My balls are the size of a chocobo's head. So are Genesis's ^^

Alright, it's 4:30 am and my bed is feeling rather lonely but looking snuggly!

I'll catch y'all on the flip-side of my mood --if it ever flips...

Ever at your pleasure,
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This! This right here is what I will dream about making cupcakes with tonight.
(I stongly encourage going and drooling over looking at the full size image on dA.)

I blame madisuzy!

Laguna Loire
by *sraointe on deviantART

Also, it is my firm belief that the cupcakes that he made with Rufus were yellow cake with chocolate buttercream icing.

Just... don't ask unless you want me to explain~

Ever at your pleasure (even at 12:36 am),

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I've been working hard on this one and I'm so proud I got it finished in time to post on VVKiti's birthday, so I thought I'd share it with you guys, since you've been the ones to hear me worrry over it!

Please don't mind the obsessive quoting of "LOVELESS"... Genesis tells the story, and it seemed appropriate...

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII

Teaser: 'Bahamut's blood, Gen,' he'd say, giggling like some sort of school girl. 'Didn't you know that using the word 'anything' is a dominant's wet-dream of an opening?'
Inspiration: When VVKiti asked me to write her a fan-fiction a while ago (it's been a bit... >.<) and mentioned this pairing, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it!
Technically, this is one of my commissions (*cough*), but it was also written in honor of VVKiti's birthday this year! Hope your day is terrific, hon~

Rating: M, because you can't spell 'dominant' without it!
-Sweary words
-Dom! Lazard
Slight angst
-Genesis' Pride
-Partial to full nudity
-Probably sexual content

Main Pairing: Larard Deusericus/Genesis Rhapsodos
Minor Pairings:
-(past) Genesis Rhapsodos/Sephiroth
-Sephiroth/Zack Fair
-Angeal Hewley/Cloud Strife

Setting: Crisis Core-ish, though I will probably just take the whole time-line/space-time-continuum thing into my own hands :wink:
POV: Genesis Rhapsodos, himself (First person perspective) and I think Tseng will pop in for a moment or two~
Summary: Lazard declares Genesis' stamina to be lacking. Genesis, enraged, sets out to prove him wrong. Too bad he forgot exactly who he was dealing with...
Additional ANs: I've never written anything with Lazard before,and I've never written Genesis as such a prominent character! I hope I'm up for the challenge and don't end up embarrassing myself...
This story has been in progress for longer than I really care to admit. What I had was revamped and revised when I realized VVKiti's birthday was approaching so quickly. I have to say, I rushed to write this, so there may be a lot of errors, but I hope that the intention makes up for all of that!
Surprisingly, I managed to write slight smut!

Word Count: 2579 words for VVKiti's Birthday!


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My Computer Hates Me... And So Does My Brain

So, I had to reinstall my OS twice today, only to find out that my back ups failed and I lost everything!

I've spent the last few hours chasing down what little of my work is available on the internet, and it has sucked.

I really need to give up and store everything in one place from now on >.<

In other news:
~I have a new fan-fiction idea (like I needed one of those) for an alternate time-line "Final Fantasy VII" fic! It's called "chaos THEORY" and will feature Cloud and Vincent.
PS: Writing as a seven-year old is rediculous >.<
~I'm working on one of the prompts for my writer's challenge! It's called "Phone Tag"!
~I created a new character last night and his name is Cypus.
~I stepped on an old nail. I'm waiting for signs of tetnus...
~I spray painted puzzle pieces today.
~I have surprisingly remembered my passwords for facebook, livejournal, dA, fanfiction.net, and fictionpress.com, but I do not remember my password for youtube.
~I'm working on a birthday gift for dA's VVKiti... I only have like four more days, so I hope I get it done in time >.<
~I've been working on that second "One Trick Pony" SPOILER I promised~

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Life Sucks and Other Things You Already Know...

Alright, so you might not already know that I've caught a stomach bug --from where? I have no freaking clue!-- but you probably already knew that life sucks...

Fan-fiction, although being a blissful escape from reality on most occasions, won't fix me. I'm too nervous to eat and too paranoid to sleep.

So maybe I'll make some leeway on some of those in-progress stories, ne? It's not like sleep is gonna be on the menu tonight...

...Sorry, I litterally had to just run to the bathroom to get sick...

I was thinking about exercising tonight, but that's out, considering my favorite workouts are abdominal-centric...

I donno. I could read a book or something... moisterize... will my stomach to stop making those off-putting gurgly noises, perhaps? Maybe just put the "Emergency Quarentine" sign up on my door and curl up on my floor to die...

Ugh. I hate feel like this. x.x

This message brought to you by the letter I for ICKY.
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